Audiovisual Monitoring

AVNOC® Audiovisual Monitoring

AVNOC® brings remote monitoring solutions for integrated audiovisual systems that enables the same proactive services that IT users expect. Our combination of small remote agents and cloud software delivers network monitoring details straight to help desks and mobile devices. The AVNOC® remote monitoring solution is a simpler way of getting the metrics from audiovisual in private networks and sending it where it's needed.

  • Secure Network Agents
  • Hardware / Software Agents
  • Instant Failure Alerting
  • Service Analytics
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Control System API
  • AV Network Management 
  • Real-Time System Status
  • Device Agnostic Platform

AVNOC® Audiovisual Coverage

AVNOC® real-time alerting and in-depth reporting lets you proactively manage audiovisual systems. With our solution you can monitor all the major manufacturers network AV control and presentation products. Software or hardware control and all major room control systems, AVNOC® makes it easier manage the landscape when failures occur.

Our customers are able to monitor the performance and availability of audiovisual infrastructure in real-time. Failure alerting and life-cycle management through in depth service reporting ensure customers are able to track assets and their users enjoy a seamless experience. AVNOC® stores and manages MIBS in our database for hundreds of different AV manufacturers allowing for more in-depth SNMP monitoring. Our API for Room Control systems delivers easier translation of data though the framework. And AVNOC® integrates with existing ticketing platforms for minimal disruption in service operations.

AVNOC® Availability Assurance

AVNOC® solutions help monitor audiovisual systems and the networks making sure everything is available when users need it. We provide proactive monitoring of all the connected assets, audiovisual processors, control, video projection, video displays, audio processing and the associated audiovisual networks.