Agents and Support Gateway


AVNOC® remote Agents are available in hardware and software versions. The hardware is for up to 100 devices and useful for combining isolated networks into a single view. The software Agent is perfect for larger VLAN and corporate infrastructure with a central DMZ. The software agent can monitor unlimited amounts of devices across expansive networks.

Deploying the Support Gateway is a secure way of accessing a network remotely. Using double-blind authentication the Support Gateway gives the network manager connection controls and real-time access notification. Used in corporate applications the Support Gateway resolves VPN issues.

Agents and Gateway Details

  • Secure Remote Agents
    Receive detailed system alerts. API
    integration for support software.

  • Hardware or Software Agent  
    For flexibility of deployment in
    different networks.

  • DHCP or Static Setup
    Agents are setup depending on
    the needs of the end-user
  • Automatic Renewal
    Agents automatically update
    without service interruption.







Unlimited devices can be monitored with the software agent. Perfect for corporate environments and demanding IT requirements.   



For secure remote system management. Double blind authentication eliminates VPN connections giving control of network security to the end-customer.


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